Entry Requirements
To qualify for admission to this programme, candidates must meet any of the following minimum requirements:
i. A holder of KCSE C (plain) or its equivalent or
ii. A holder of KCE Division III or its equivalent or
iii. A holder of KACE with One Principal and One Subsidiary or
iv. Mean grade of C-(minus) at KCSE with a certificate in the relevant area from a recognised institution.

Programme Structure and Duration
The programme duration will be two (2) academic years. In the first academic year of study, the learner will take ten (12) units, six (6) units per semester. In the second academic year of study, the learner will take four (4) units in the first semester and two (2) units in the second semester (Industrial attachment or research project). The programme consists of eighteen (18) units. In order to qualify for the award of the diploma, the candidate must pass all of these eighteen (18) units.

Kenyatta University examination regulations shall apply.

Unit Codes and Titles
BMS 030: Information and Communication Technology
BBA 030: Principles and Practice of Management
BHM 032: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
BBA 033: Governance and Ethics
BBA 044: Organization Behaviour
BMS 031: Quantitative Methods
BBA 064: Marketing Information and Research
BBA 065: Marketing Planning and Control
BBA 050: Marketing Management
BHM 051: Industrial & Commercial Law
BMS 070: Supplies Management
BBA 071: Public Relations
BAC 030: Fundamentals of Financial Management
BBA 066: International Marketing
BMS 034: Fundamentals of Research Methods
BBA 063: Marketing in Specialized Field
BSU 050: Industrial Attachment OR BSU 051 Project (2 Units)


Tuituion Fees : 72,000.00 
Statutory Fees: 21,500.00 
Fee per Annum : 93,500.00