Locally, regionally and internationally,  there has been an increasing number of people holding managerial /leadership positions in organizations operating in an environment characterized by increase in technological use, high demand for quality goods and services, enhanced level of competition, and an increasingly assertive workforce. This development requires a tailor made programme that takes care of the executive needs without necessarily interrupting their work schedules, In addition because of ever increasing need to adapt to the ever changing business environment, it is necessary to continually revise and update developed programmes. In this regard, the school has revised its existing executive MBA (EMBA) programme. The programme is offered to business executives, who would like to further their professional and personal development in business. It is a one year programme whose duration is motivated by the diverse management and business skills of the targeted executives and senior managers expected to join the programme. The programme offers an ideal setting for exchange of ideas and experiences among fellow students and staff. Further the programme provides an opportunity for networking.

Many executives in the public and private sectors need to be well prepared to handle the fast changing work and business environment characterized by increasing technological, economic and social sophistication. The challenges posed by these phenomena are further compounded by the rapid shift of pressure on the executive to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to remain relevant in the competitive environment. Locally, attempts at capturing the growing interest of executives for higher degrees to upgrade their knowledge and skills have been inhibited by existing policies on the mode of delivery, time and duration of programmes. The Executive MBA programme as proposed by the School of Business is aimed at addressing these issues.

The vision of the EMBA is to be the best business programme locally and internationally

The purpose of the executive MBA is to enhance skills of executives through a programme characterized by a flexible mode of delivery, responsive timing and duration, and a good blend of theory and practice

The executive MBA programme is designed specifically for the following groups:
(a) Management consultants
(b) Executive and senior managers in any of the following but not limited to;
(i) Private sectors
(ii) Government departments
(iii) Parastatals
(iv) Foreign missions
(v) Faith based institutions
(vi) Local and international NGO’s
(vii) Educational institutions


The objectives of the programme are:
(a) To provide higher education opportunities to executives in both the public and private sectors, through flexibility in timing and course delivery
(b) To broaden the learner’s appreciation of an integrated approach to the analysis of the public and private sector issues

(a) First degree from Kenyatta University or any other recognized institution.
(b) In addition the applicants must have served in a senior management position for at least two years.

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