The department offers an exceptionally wide and unique range of market driven programmes both at graduate and undergraduate levels.  These programmes are constantly reviewed to reflect the ever dynamic business environment.  By undertaking our programmes you are assured of obtaining a marketable degree that reflects the breadth and depth of the school and our global reputation.  Our students graduates with specialize in Accounting and Finance option.

Mission Statement: To produce Qualified Accountants and Finance professionals and practitioners committed to excellence and Integrity in the field of Accounting and Finance to meet the changing needs of the society.

Vision Statement: A Bastion of Knowledge in the Region for quality and effective teaching, learning and Research in Accounting and Finance.
Identity Statement: The Department is a community of Scholars committed to excellence in Accounting and Finance for sustainable Individual, National and Global Market development


The department offers services alongside the other departments in business and management.  The degrees are offered by coursework, examination and thesis or coursework, examination and project.  These courses are very popular particularly with mature students and attracts very many student including foreign students.   In the first and second semesters, students are required to take core units while in the third semester students are required to take specialized units.

The department services all the students enrolled for the degree of Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, Bachelor of Economics and Finance, and students of Industrial Chemistry with Management.
Undergraduate student enrolled in the department is well over 8,000 students at full capacity.


The department has three external examiners. That is

  • Prof. Mirie Mwangi, University of Nairobi.
  • Dr. David M. Mathuva, Strathmore University.
  • Prof. Iraya Mwangi, University of Nairobi.
  • CPA, Dr. Robert Odunga, Moi University.




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Notable Alumni

Kenyatta University, MBA Finance Alumni, Mr Fernandes O. Barasa,ICPAK Vice-Chairman, Convenor of the Finance and Strategy Committee and Coconvenor of the Member Services Committee.

 Past Events

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>>1st May, 2015:Accounting and Finance staff bonding session day.

 Upcoming Course

Coming Soon. Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Accounting and Auditing.

• PhD (Finance)
• PhD (Accounting)
• MSc (Finance)
• MBA (Finance)

The department offers two unique study areas leading to

  • Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Option
  • Bachelor of Commerce Finance Option

In any of the two options, students will be required to take:

  • University required units
  • School required units
  • Required units for each option and
  • Electives for each option.

For a student to graduate, he/she should have taken and passed the required number of units – 14 units in year one, 12 units in year two, three and four.

The Programmes are offered through Full-time, Part-time and Distance learning.

Bachelor of Commerce is a popular degree programme with a wide variety of choices in career.

The general career choices if you have a degree in accounting are public, private, governmental/non-profit concerns or professional accounting firm.

A career in finance is not all about money but close to it. Some of the common career paths one can pursue in the financial services industry include.

  • Corporate finance/financial management
  • Money and capital markets
  • Investments
  • Training and Consultancy.

The Department encourages students to enhance their careers by undertaking training with professional bodies such as CPA, ACCA and CFA. Those with such qualifications are allowed credit waivers up-to six units on admission.

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Student Research




Influence of Strategic Human Resource Management practices on organizational performance in parastatals in Kenya

Mr. David Kiiru

Defended at School Level

ISO Certification and Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Kenya

Mrs. Rosemarie Wanyoike

Defended at School Level

Effects of Social marketing Execution on Behavioral change of youth in the slums of Nairobi County, Kenya

Ms. Elishiba MurigiD86/CTY/22827/2012

Defended at School Level

Organizational Strategic Intent Execution and Performance of Universities in Kenya

Ms. Charity Muraguri 

Defended at Departmental Level

Strategy Implementation Attributes and Performance of Organizations in the Energy Sector in Kenya

Mr. Caleb Kirui   

Defended at Departmental Level

Role of Distinctive Competencies on Organization Performance in the Alcohol Industry in Kenya.

Mr. Nahashon Langat  D86/CTY/22873/2012.

Defended at Departmental Level

Quality Management Strategies and Performance of Oil Marketing Companies in Kenya

Mrs. Patricia Kungu

Defended at Departmental  Level

Women Entrepreneurs Participation and Poverty Reduction In Bauchi State, Nigeria

Mr. Simeon Asen  D86F/CTY/24656/2011

Defended at School Level

Organization Development Interventions and Academic Staff Productivity in Chartered State Universities in Kenya

Mr. Charles Mutisya Munyao

Defended at School Level

Effect of Competitive Intelligence Practices on the Performance of firms listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya

Mr. Paul Waithaka  D86/CTY/26970/2013

Defended at School Level

Effects of organizational resources, sustainable competitive advantage and firm’s performance of mobile phone industry in Kenya

Mrs. Jane Gakenia  D86/CTY/25170/2012

Defended at School Level