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Qualification: PhD
Human Resource Management 
Address :
P.O. BOX 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone Office:8710901/ 4170, 8704170/8704187
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Lecturer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Background Information
I am Dr. Felistus Hildah Makhamara, a Lecturer at the Department of Human Resource Management in the School of Business at Kenyatta University. A highly self- motivated lecturer and Researcher in Human Resource Management. As a lecturer , I endeavor to lead the department to realize operational excellence in all its core activities. In performing my core duties as a lecturer in the department of teaching, examining, researching, mentoring and guiding them to achieve their goals. Before joining the Department of HRM I have been an Assistant Registrar to the Dean in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences where I have been a secretary to various boards i.e. Linkages board, Secretary to School Management Board, Secretary to the School Research and Travel Grant, Chairperson of the School ISO Quality Team, among others. I have been incharge of all the postgraduate students at the school monitoring assessing their Thesis/project progress and documentation among others.I have also had a key role in the design and delivery of a range of modules on the HRM postgraduate and undergraduate degree programmes at the School. And I am a member of two professional boardies and supervisor of Masters students at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Areas Of Specialization and Interest

  • Training in Strategic Human Resource management practices in public sector
  • Administration and management matters
  • Student Mentorship in Higher Education across cultures
  • Public relations and communication in higher education

Conference Paraticipation And Community Service

  • 2001 – International Conference on Transformation of Higher Education Management and Leadership for Efficacy in Africa, held at Kenyatta University.
  • 2002 – Served as Secretary to the Association of African Universities (AAU) Conference, held at Safari Park Hotel.
  • 1993-2003- Served as Secretary to the Management Board Seminars for Kenyatta University, held in Mombasa.
  • 2000 – National Conference on Higher Education for Human Development in Kenya. Held at Kenyatta International Conference Centre.
  • 1999- National Conference on Student Leadership Delinquency, Guidance and Counseling and Pastoral Care in Schools, held at Kenyatta University.
  • 2005 – Grant Proposal Writing Workshop organized by Kenyatta University and National Council for Science & Technology held at Kenyatta University.
  • May, 2009 – Customer Care Skills Workshop organized by Centre for Capacity Building and Development at Kenyatta University.
  • January 2012 - Curriculum Development Committee for School of Humanities and Social Sciences workshop held at Kenyatta University Conference Centre.

Publication Of Articles

  • Makhamara F,H, Prof. Namusonge, G.S. (2013) Factors Influencing Employee Participation in Public Institutions; ‘, Strategic Journal of Business and Change Management vol. 37, 96-122.
  • Makhamara, F.H., Waiganjo E.W., Kwasira, J. (2016) Influence of Strategic Employee Voice on Employee Performance in the Health Sector in Kenya;, Strategic Journal of Business and Change Management, ISSN 2312-9492.
  • Makhamara, F.H., Waiganjo E.W., Kwasira, J. (2016) Influence of Strategic Recruitment and Selection on Employee Performance in the Health Sector in Kenya;, Strategic Journal of Business and Change Management, ISSN 2312-9492.
  • Makhamara, F.H., Mwathe J. (2017), The Influence of Strategic Employee Welfare Services on Employee Performance in Level Five Public Hospitals In Kenya, (Submitted for Publication)

Professional Affiliations And Consultancies

  • Full member: Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM)
  • Associate Member: Kenya Institute of Management (AKIM)
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology – Consultant
  • Mt. Kenya University Associate Consultant.

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School News and Events


mba2Schedule for MBA Proposal Defence Meetings

 This is to inform all postgraduate students in MBA Programme that the proposal meetings for the period ending November 2019 will be as follows:....Click Here to Read More

mba2The School of Business holds its first International Business Research & Industrial Conference

 The school held it’s the first ever International Business Research and Industrial Conference on 20th and 21st June, 2019 in North Coast Beach Hotel, Mombasa. The conference was organized with great efforts and enthusiasm from a team of experts in business, leadership and management with the support of the Kenyatta University Management and conference sponsors the Kenya Ports Authority, The Kenya Tourism Board and Savannah Cement Ltd. Prior to the main conference....Click Here to Read More

Date: Thursday 11th July 2019
Venue: Alumni Building Hall 1
Time : 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M




This is to inform all postgraduate students in MBA programme that the proposal defense meeting for the period ending June 2019 will be as follows:








6th March 2019

Alumni Building (Main Campus)

8.30 a.m.



19th March 2019

Alumni Building (Main Campus)

8.30 a.m.



25th April 2019

Alumni Building (Main Campus)

8.30 a.m.



22nd May 2019

Alumni Building (Main Campus)

8.30 a.m.



27th June 2019

Alumni Building (Main Campus)

8.30 a.m.

This defense is for students who have successfully completed their coursework and have registered for the Research Project. The qualified students should submit six spiral bound copies of their Research Proposals duly signed by themselves and supervisor(s) to the Doctoral and MBA Coordination office a week before the scheduled date. All postgraduate students are also invited to attend the defense meeting.

Please arrange to attend and be punctual.

Thank you.     




dean Linkages and Collaboration - School of Business

In an effort to enhance international linkages, the School of Business is a member of Association of African Business Schools (AABS), an association that brings together business Schools in Africa on a common platform to share best practices in training Business students.  The focus is training for the industry.  AABS conference was organized and held on May 2018 in Tanzania, Dar e salaam School of Business, where the Dean Dr. Paul K. Sang represented the School of Business, Kenyatta University. The event provided an opportunity for networking as well as input on management education trends across Africa and internationally, with the focus of improving the quality of management education in Africa. The participation of the School of Business Kenyatta University enables the School to contribute towards economic growth and development in the continent through our Programmes.





Kenyatta University school of business offers a wide variety of expatriate which gives the learners a competitive edge in the market. The teaching and support staff of school of business Kenyatta university is highly efficient and effective in their service administration

Eva Ngono
Bcom (Marketing) Alumni

The school of business, one of the largest school in the university enables one to interact with different personalities,races and minds at the same time.I have had numerous experiences ,exposure ,new skill knowledge and professional training, not forgetting leadership development in this school.

simageStephen Ngumbau Justus
Bcom (Alumni)

Koforidua Technical University and Kenyatta University School of Business MoU - 2018


The Dean School of Business Kenyatta University Dr. Paul Sang with the Ag. Pro Vice Chancellor Rev. (Dr.) Nicholas Appreh Siaw Koforidua Technical University (KTU), the Dean School Of Business Dr. Regina Bekoa, Dean School of Hospitality and Tourism, Dr. Boatweng, Director International Linkages Dr. Samuel Addae all of Koforidua Technical University during teaching at Koforidua Technical University, Ghana in June 2018. This is following a Memorandum of understanding between the two institutions to assist Koforidua Technical University in building capacity for their teaching staff, especially teaching and supervision of students taking PhD in Business.

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