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Position:Dean School of Business and Lecturer
Department: Management Science
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi

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Dr. Paul K Sang is an experienced consultant, headed many projects which included; case study writing project funded by IFC through the ministry of Industrialization, development of Online Executive of Master of Business Administration funded by partnership of Higher education. A trainer in project management and evaluation, Policy Planning and Management, a lecturer in the department of management Science Kenyatta University , the immediate former Associate Dean School of business. Currently Head Teaching programmes and publications,Kenyatta University. Holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Project Management, Master’s of Business Administration (Finance Option), Bachelor of arts in business and Mathematics. Holds a certificate in PRINCE2 Foundation- a professional certificate in project management.


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  • Bett, Emmanuel,; Sang, Paul (2018): “The Role of Stakeholder Engagement in Project Procurement in the Kenyan Public Sector” Scholars Bulletin, Scholars Middle East Publishers,Vol-4, Iss-3 (Mar, 2018): ISSN 2412-9771 Vol-4, Iss-4 (Apr, 2018): 325-331,
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  • Mugarura, Y,;Sang,Paul (2017): “Governance and Resilience of Project Networks: On a Rising yet a Misunderstood Trajectory” The International Journal of Business & Management Vol. 5 Issue 6 pages 144-151, ISSN 2321–8916,
  • Gichohi, W. R. & Sang, Paul (2016). Public-Private Partnership projects: A panacea for infrastructure deficit? The International Journal of Business and Management, 4(12), 20-26. Link:
  • Augustus, Z, Barasa; Paul Sang ; Nelson, Wawire (2015): “The effects of availability of funds on income generation activities by civil society organizations in Kenya” European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 05, August 2015. P.P. 79 - 87 ISSN: 2235 -767X. 


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Chairman, Management Science


Chairman, Management Science

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