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Position: Lecturer
Department: Business Administration
Contact Address: P.O. Box 47017, 00100 Nairobi

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Research Interests

1.Enterpreneurship Development & Management
2. Human Resource Management Social Enterpreneurship
4.Sustainable Development

Research Publications

  1. Mary Kiveu,Goretti Ofafa,Enhancing market access in Kenyan SMEs using ICT,Global Business and Economics Research Journal,ISSN: 2302-4593,Vol. 2 (9): 29 - 46
  2. The Relationship between Moral Virtues of Local Government Administrator and Ethical Performance, Regis Zombeire Kamaduuka, Goretty A. Ofafa and Wilson Muyinda Mande,The Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy Studies, Vol 5. No. 1 march 2013, ISSN2078-7049
  3. Otuya, W.I.; Onyango, M. A.; Ofafa, G.A.; Ojera, P. B.; & Wachana, B.S.,The Effect of Ethical Treatment towards Customers on Enterprise Performance in Mumias Sugar Belt, KenyaInternational Journal of Current Research ,Vol.5, Issue,02, pp.377-381,February, 2013Grassroots African women – “capacity building for empowerment of grassroots women and communities in rural Kenya
  4. Muathe Stephen Makau A.; Nelson H. Were Wawire; and Gorretty A. Ofafa,An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Organizational Factors and Adoption of ICT Among Health Related SMEs in Nairobi, Kenya International Journal of Arts and Commerce,March 2013
  5. “Perceived value of entreprenureship course content among university students in Uganda ,Nkuba Business Journal, Vol. 11 October[ 2012] ISSN:1564-068xJacob L Oyugi,Gorretty A. Ofafa,Wilson M. Mande

Conference Presentations

  1. Nurturing Entrepreneurship in the education system. The incorporation of national content standards in entrepreneurship Education
  2. Grassroots African women – “capacity building for empowerment of grassroots women and communities in rural Kenya
  3. Entrepreneurship as a life skill education and a poverty reduction tool in Rwanda


1. Theory and practice of HIV/AIDS control in Rwanda – the case of higher learning institutions


Affiliation to professional bodies

1.Consortium Of Entrepreneurship Educators (USA)
2.Entrepreneurship Educators (Kenya)

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