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Handing Over

Handing Over

Dr. Eddie Simiyu Handing over the Chairmanship of the Department to Dr. Ambrose O. Jagongo...

Book Donation

Book Donation

Mr. Stephen Obwogo, an Alumni from Accounting Department,  presents a donation of books on...

  • Handing Over

    Handing Over

  • Book Donation

    Book Donation


Position: Lecturer
Department: Accounting and Finance
Contact Address: P.O. Box 21750, 00100 Nairobi


Workshops Attended

2016:Koori, J. M,(2016), Financial Flexibility and Corporate investment of non financial listed companies, NSE Kenya, A paper presented at Kenyatta

University PostGraduate seminar.

2015: Koori, J.M,(2015), Effect of Financial Flexibility on Corporate investment of non financial listed companies, NSE Kenya, A paper presented at

Strathmore University, School of Business seminar.




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