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This is to inform all postgraduate students in MBA programme that there will be a proposal defense meeting on Thursday 28th June, 2018 at Alumni Building (Main Campus) starting 8.30 a.m.
This defense is for students who have successfully completed their coursework and have registered for the Research Project. The qualified students should submit the soft copy (in a CD) and six spiral bound copies of their Research Proposals duly signed by themselves and supervisor(s) to the Doctoral and MBA Coordination office before or by Friday, 22nd June, 2018. All postgraduate students are also invited to attend the defense meeting.
Please arrange to attend and be punctual.



KEYNOTE SPEAKERMr. Manases Miruka, the Project Manager, Wadhwani Foundation Making Key Note Speech During the Schools Annual Postgraduate Seminar on 20th July 2017

In his address, Mr. Miruka informed the participants that Wadhwani Foundation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, which supports National Entrepreneurship economic development. Learn More.

deanMr. Gerald Atheru, Dean School of Business, Making his Address During the Schools Annual Postgraduate Seminar on 20th July 2017

In his address, Mr. Atheru told the participants that the seminar is the culmination of their celebrations for successfully completing studies for the MBA degree program whose climax was on 4th August 2017 during the University graduation ceremony. He added that the aim of the university is to have all prospective postgraduate students make seminar presentations as a prerequisite for graduation from the University.

mba2Dr. Samuel Maina, Coordinator Ph.D. and MBA Programmes Making Welcome Remarks During the Schools Annual Postgraduate Seminar Held on 20th July 2017.

In his address, Dr. Maina reiterated that the seminar was an opportunity for the prospective MBA graduands to share their research findings with fellow graduands and stakeholders.

mba2School of Business Lecturer wins Best Paper Award

Dr. Elishiba Murigi receiving a certificate for the Best paper presented during the 12th SIMSR Global Marketing Seminar, February 2017 in India

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