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Welcome to Kenyatta University School of Business

The school of Business academic programs is offered in all the K.U. campuses. The market for the graduates of these programs is quite dynamic. To be at pace with the dynamics of the industry and the job market, the school management led by the dean adopted a rebranding strategy that is in line with the visionary foresight of the top management of the university provided by the vice chancellor. The strategy seeks to enhance the core mandate and role of the university in the region of developing market-driven academic programs at all levels of study that enhance innovation towards national development. Towards this the School having understood its place in the region has developed the following new programs;

1. Doctor of Business Administration designed as a unique program of its kind in the region is to be offered on a modular basis targeting professionals with busy work schedules so that executives can participate at their convenience.

2. MBA in procurement and supply chain management designed to equip professionals to handle relevant activities that reengineer business process to raise productivity and efficiency levels in public and private organizations.

3. Master in Monitoring and Evaluation designed for professionals in handling project work in the region and beyond.

4. MBA Oil and Gas Management designed for professionals supporting the energy sector in the petroleum industry in view of the latest discoveries of oil deposits in the country.

5. B.Com in Oil and Gas Management.
6. B.Com in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

7. Bachelor of Human Resource Management targeting professionals with the need for high-level capacity development in human capital management.

Future plans and Projections
In order to position itself as a leading business school in the region, the School of business Kenyatta University found it necessary to rebrand itself. The rebranding has focused on; timely delivery of lectures, timely completions of degrees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, high-quality delivery of content using modern pedagogy currently used by leading business schools in the world. The school intends to leverage on the university huge investment in technology infrastructure and the current global trend in technology to carry out e- supervision, e-learning and research. The school intends to use the existing university international collaborations to benchmark and raise the standards of business training regionally and internationally.

“KU School of Business .......Developing Competitive Global Business Leaders”




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